Friday, 9 October 2015

Weston Wander 7

Just a short ride around the town today. Two or three errands needed to be done, so combine work with pleasure and have a spin out and check out the motorcycle event that is in town.

Weston Beach Race

This is a motocross event over three days and involves over 1500 riders. 200,000 tons of sand are shifted to make the obstacles  and the event attracts world superstars for the two days of insane racing.  Not only do they take over the beach but the promenade and beach lawns as well. Here, the competitors are registering for their particular events in a mobile office parked outside the Tropicana. Last week Banksy, this week bikers.

The Dodgems

No chance of cycling down the promenade. Someone has put some dodgems up on it.

And a Bar

A complete saloon has also gone up, complete with a talking Moose Head inviting folks in.

Just 7 miles today. Hope to get some photos of the racing tomorrow.

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