Monday, 12 October 2015

Puxton Prowl 20

Another stunning day,clear blue sky but tempered with a chilly NE wind.  Going to have a look at the old derelict pier and then out through Puxton and Banwell back to Weston.  Spent a bit of time meandering around the old part of Weston town.

Save Birnbeck

There is a lot of local feeling about how the old pier, the only one in England that bridges the mainland with an island, is being left to go derelict.  Some campaigners have put graffiti on hoardings close to the pier but whether they will be successful remains to be seen.

The Pier

Hard to see from this shot just how bad a state the pier is in. Once a thriving centre of Victorian amusements it seems that a couple of good storms would finish it off. On the left, in the distance, is Steep Holme, a small uninhabitated island off Brean Down.

Victorian Splendour

Mooching around the old part of Weston, saw these lovely terraced houses.  Not shown here but these are in a lovely elevated position overlooking Weston Bay. A good place to have an apartment if you don't mind climbing up fairly steep hills to get there.

Grove Park

A lovely park just off the town centre. In true Victorian style, it supports a bandstand which has recently been refurbished. It is well used during the summer months with regular band recitals.

Just over 20 miles today.

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