Friday, 23 October 2015

Mahnrub (Burnham in reverse) 31

Went out this afternoon to do a route that I quite like,  a loop to include Burnham on Sea. To make it more interesting today, did it the opposite way to normal and got a different perspective of the ride. For a start, the potholes are in different locations, not that there are that many.  Surprising how the light is fading quicker in the evening now. It was planned to stop at the cafe in Burnham but with all the cars displaying lights, it was prudent not to waste too much time.

Grey Heron

Often see herons on the back road at Mark. There are a lot of rhynes in this area and it is obviously a good hunting ground for the birds. This one was right by the road but on stopping to get a close up it flew off but not too far away. I stalked (storked, get it) the heron for a short way (difficult in a bright yellow top) and got this shot. Only photo of the day unfortunately.

A fraction under 31 miles today.

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