Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kewstoke Kwickie 13

Sorted out a new back tyre on the mountain bike, one that is armoured with Kevlar and is virtually puncture proof. Lets hope the extra expense is worth it.  Also ditched the big knobbly tyre in favour of a much thinner 'hybrid' one so that should reduce the effort to push the bigger bike around.  Test ride this morning so not going too far, just over to Sand Bay and back.

STOP PRESS :- Some of you may not have received the photo for Neversaurus, three posts ago. That has now been sorted.

More Street Art

Next to Birnbeck Pier, which a staunch group of local people are campaigning to stop it falling into the sea, a group of artists have covered some fence panels in street art and have raised money towards the Save the Pier fund. This one is a bit enigmatic, it seems to accuse Banksy of making a lot of money out of Dismaland, but the figures don't add up at 4000 people a day, at £3 a head, for 4 weeks. Take off the cost of setting it up would never make a profit of £43M.

Knightstone Island

Not really an island any more, just flats and a little cafe. The causeway was built during the hey day of the Victorians, trapping the sea to form the Marine Lake.

The New Castle tea rooms.

After a spin around Sand Bay, called in at this tea rooms in Kewstoke.  Very swish inside, in fact the sign outside boasts good coffee and a wine bar. Encouraged by the decent sized bike rack that cyclists wanting a cuppa would be welcome, I went in and had a cup of tea. A bit pricey but a very clean place and a little bit upmarket. Not much point going in with just over 4 miles to get home but curiosity got the better of me at a cost of £1.75.

The new tyre is much better and did a fraction under 13 miles.

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