Sunday, 16 August 2015

Puxton Park Plod 20

Using the road bike today for the first time in ages. The mission is to go to see 'The Dude in the Phonebox' who, according to FaceBook has changed his costume and is also conversing with a similar mannequin in a phone box in another part of Weston.  See what else is about on the way.

Cecil the Dude in a Phonebox

He has been on here a few times now and the latest post on FaceAche shows him as having a virtual relationship with Bridgette the Diva in a Phone Box. Not too clear from the photo but Cecil is wearing a kilt and other Scottish apparel and has a sign around him saying 'Gretna Green.     Must be off to a wedding.                                                                                      

Puxton Park

Billed as Somerset's finest theme park, this is out on the A370 about 4 miles from Weston. Have been there with the grandchildren, a bit pricey but the kids have a lot to do and see. To get a taste, go later on in the sfternoon, the price drops dramatically.  Loads of rides and adventure stuff to do and a fair bit of farm related attractions.  This straw Teddy is at the main entrance to the park.



Took me ages to get this dairy cow to stand still and pose with my bike. Did it in the end though. Cost me half a bale of hay which I persuaded Teddy to let me have.  Daisy stands in the driveway down to the park itself.

Bridgette the Diva in the Phonebox.

There was a link on Cecil the Dude's FaceAche page to Bridgette. She resides in the village of Locking out to the south of Weston so it was a case of leaving Puxton and taking a ride through Banwell to find where she lives. Again, a bit hard to see, but Bridgette is wearing a very nice summer dress and is waiting for the sun to come out. Looking forward to more surprises from these two.

Just over 20 miles today and ended up with a bit of a sore neck but no problems. Only 40 miles this week but should get up to 100 soon.

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