Monday, 17 August 2015

Burnham Bash. 31

Well, that was a good one. Decided to retrace the steps (or should it be pedals) that the Old Gits took a week ago and I couldn't make it. I was interested to try out the tea stop they used which sounded like a good spot.  Whilst having tea and cake I used my phone and must have turned the Strava off because the readout below showed a straight line from the cafe to near home. The second map is a truer representation of the ride.

Rich's Cider Farm

This was the place I was aiming for near the tiny village of Watchfield near Mark.  They specialise in all types of cider, there is a small museum there and of course a cafe. I had a Danish Pastry and it is the first time I had one that had been warmed up. Slightly dearer than normal but very delish.
They do like their wicker stuff down here, parked the bike by a wicker reindeer.

The Cider Shop

Didn't actually go in but saw two chaps coming out with plastic flagons of cider, about a gallon each. Must be good stuff so may well have a drive down here soon to check the place out. Purely for the museum of course.

Highbridge Marina

The tide was well out leaving these boats high and dry. Thinking about it, two tides a day, one at night, there is not much opportunity to get out to sea easily, not without some careful planning.
The lifebelt would not be as essential either unless it could be used to pull you out of the mud.


Not a live one. Seen in the entrance to Pontin's Holiday Camp at Brean. It is actually an advert for Wookey Hole, a cave system near Cheddar, which claims to have some bones of one of these in there.

A good ride today, lovely weather out on the Somerset Levels. Clocked up 31 miles today.

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