Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rooksbridge Roustabout 21

What a difference a day makes. An inch of rain yesterday, glorious sunshine (although a bit windy) today. Going out towards the Somerset Levels on one of my usual 20 milers.

The Nick

Another one destined to be sold off. Selling the family jewels I call it. The local paper announced a couple of weeks ago that the plan is to sell off Weston Super Mare Police Station, it will be demolished and housing put up in its place.  I think the plan is for the locals to go into the nearby library building for over the counter service. Ah well, progress has to be made.  Best get a photo before it goes. Have to say, it does look in need of a lot of TLC.

Grove Park

Just off the centre of town is Grove Park a lovely peaceful area with cafe, bandstand, well tended gardens and this pond, with a small fountain. Went down there as there was a big Gala Day on but other than some musicians setting up in the bandstand there was nobody about.

Beach Rugby

If you read yesterday's blog, there was a mystery picture of a big tent and some portaloos on the beach. This is what it was, a mini beach rugby tournament. The pitch, as you can see, was a blow up one! Two sides of 6 battled it out for a trophy.  Of more interest, there is a live band and a bar taking place later. Hmmmm

A satisfying ride, partially inspired by watching the Tour de France earlier and seeing those robots climbing mountains on bikes. And talking to each other in the process!  Makes my 21 miles look a bit insignificant but then, they are not in their seventies.

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