Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Puxton Prowl 23

A nice easy ride today, a lovely summers day, and after a day off yesterday, a chance to get the legs going after the big one on Sunday. Apart from the odd rail or motorway bridge, this was all flat today.
Should have been Old Git's Day today but with jobs to do did not get out with them. Having said that, I did meet up with them on their return into Weston.

Oldbridge River

This little bridge is in Puxton and crosses the River Oldbridge. This is fed from streams and rhynes near to Churchill and eventually flows in the Severn Estuary at Woodspring Bay. A lovely little part of the world this. There are a couple of swans in the distance which added to the ambience.

Work in progress

This little building is near the town centre of Weston.  No idea what its history is so I have posted the picture on Face Ache to see if any locals can help.  More on this later hopefully.  Getting some decent feedback on this in a very short time. It would appear that originally it may have been a rest place for coachmen calling at a nearby inn. Since then it has probably been used as a weigh bridge, a shelter for barrow boys/taxi drivers and a town information centre. Not being used at the moment and not a listed building, it would be a shame if it was lost to the town because of "Austerity measures". Thanks to all the Facebook users who helped on this one.

Captain Sparrow

Cycling back along the promenade, spotted Captain Jack Sparrow helping to advertise the nearby attraction of Wookey Hole.  This is a series of caves formed by rainfull running through limestone rocks.  It is quite a famous attraction now and attracts many visitors to the area. If you can get down the prom today there is a 15% discount available.

A nice easy 23 miles today. About the same as an Old Gits day out by coincidence.

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