Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Old Gits Gallop - Normal Route 24

Old Gits day. With all the rain that has been about, taking the mountain bike out today as the Strawberry Line might be a tad muddy.  Taking the normal route.

Another puncture!

We hadnt gone too far, just over Banwell Hill when George had a front wheel puncture. Of course, the rest of us quickly stood around laughing giving all the help and advice we could. Soon got him going again.

Hewish Railway Bridge

The peleton, fed and watered at the cafe were in high spirits going over the bridge that leads towards Wick St Lawrence. I must confess, this is the first photo I have ever taken to the raucous strains of the 'Great escape'.

Farewell Banwell Dave

A routine stop to check all present and take the opportunity to say cheerio to Banwell Dave who leaves us at this point.

Another Bridge

Not so raucous this time. The last part of the journey does mean a few bridges have to be crossed as there is a loop line, off the main line, that goes to Weston station. At this point, near to the Weston Milton Station, there is only one left to go!

Chipperfields Circus

The circus is in town. An old established one this is, obviously doing the rounds for the summer. This is down by the main railway station if you want to go.  I dont think that use performing animals anymore which is a step forward, mainly acrobats and clowns.


Childrens BBC. They are touring round with a food and drink show and this week they are on the Beach Lawns at Weston.  Opens tomorrow for a few days if you have any spare 0-6 year olds you want to keep amused for a time, it's all free.

The Boating Lake.

More pictures than normal today, its these Old Gits stealing the limelight.  This boating lake, on the beach by the Tropicana has been slowly filling up with sand blown about by the constant winds. Looks like the council are clearing it all out. Good job they are doing. In reality, more kids use it to paddle in than sail model boats on.

Good ride again. Rain kept off although it was a tad windy second half of the ride.  The Strawberry Line was not muddy either. Clocked 24 miles today.

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