Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mark Meander 30

Off down to the northern bit of the Somerset Levels today.  Taking a slight detour along the sea front then heading to Mark coming back through Brean.  Forecast is not so good today with heavy rain forecast.

Beach Huts

These have been the subject of heated debates on social media since the first 5 were put in position on the first of May. There are twenty now and there does seem to be more acceptance of them now. Over the last few very hot days they were obviously being used a lot.

The circus is in town.

This appeared almost overnight on the Beach Lawns in Weston. The blurb says they present a 'colourful and action packed high energy show for 90 mins. Looks like it is mainly acrobatics etc with a couple of clowns thrown in. Nice to see there are no performing animals.

Roadside stall

Out past Bleadon to Mark and headed off down the Harp Road towards East Brean. Saw this roadside plant stall just before the M5 bridge and nearly bought some of these for our raised beds.  Quite how they would have been carted back was the next thought so left them alone.  Ideal place to come in the car sometime.  Note to self :- "Leave wallet at home!"

A useful 30 miles training for the 'Event of the Year." the Great Weston Bike race in just over 2 weeks time.

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