Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Old Gits Galumph 27

Promises to be a good morning for a ride out with the Old Gits.  Will be doing the usual route out towards Banwell, to Winscome, where we pick up the Strawberry Line, and on to Puxton and then back to Weston after a cafe stop.


This is the risk with very thin tyres. Especially down these country Lanes.  It was caused by hitting a pot hole and being on the front wheel was fixed in very good time. I went back to assist (take a photo really) and the fuss was just about over.

Tea and Cake at Caffles

Outside today at Caffles Garden Centre at Hewish.  Would have been far too hot in the greenhouse. It is Norman's birthday on Thursday so keeping with tradition, he paid for the teas. Thanks Norm.


This was in Wick Road at Hewish. 12 Old Gits turned out to play today, this is eight of them heading back to Weston.

I left the group at the end to call into town, (found my bike lock combo at last) and this added a couple of mile onto the day.  Clocked 27 in all.

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  1. Twaz a nice warm, sunny day for a bike ride, unfortunately work did get in the way a bit :-(