Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mark Mooch 20

Another sunny day, with a brisk chilly wind that had turned round and was coming from the NE. Time was a bit limited again today, but went down to the Somerset Levels and back through East Brent. Nothing of interest out in the sticks to photograph so mooched around Weston Super Mare at the end looking for something interesting.

High Street Weston

The main shopping centre, full of the national retailers and entrance to a large shopping mall, the Sovereign Centre. Always very busy and the place to head for run of the mill stuff.

Marine Lake Causeway

Built by the Victorians to retain some sea when the tide goes out, this is quite an interesting walk. Situated at the north of the long sandy beach, this view is looking north.

Custom Chopper Bike

Riding back past Knightstone Island (not really an island anymore) spotted this monster of a chopper. Handbuilt by the owner/rider, he told me it was built around a Harley Davidson engine and the rest was designed around it. Took him some years to build it. I have never seen such enormous forks or handlebars on a motorbike. They look like chromium plated scaffolding poles!  Saw him riding it later, looks most impractical but a superb piece of engineering and design.

The GPS on the phone did not kick in today but the bike computer suggested about 20 miles. I will put a map of the route on here later.

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