Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Old Gits Gallop 24

Tuesday. It is Old Gits Day. Not so many turned up today, a couple are poorly and some are away on trips. Just eight turned up to take part in the ride. Felt a bit embarrassed when I asked a chap whom I had never seen before if he had come along to join and he politely explained that he was one of the founder members. Well, how was I to know!

Strawberry Line

We did the usual route with a very slight variation at the start and finish as those Old Gits that I normally ride with with are not available today.  This picture is the tail end charlies going along the Strawberry Line (A disused railway between Yarrow and Cheddar).

Brean Down

Nothing much else to photograph today so finished up with a view of Brean Down, and Steep Holm, a small uninhabitatated island 5 miles from Weston,

Another cold, windy day adding another 24 miles on.

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