Sunday, 15 February 2015

Locking Loop 13

Quick ride in the morning. Big match on the tele at lunchtime, Villa v Leicester, cant miss that one. Doing a big loop at past Worle and back through Locking village. Weather picking up now, not so cold but a bit overcast.

Coach house at Locking

I think this is the only pub in the village, the Coach House.  With evidence of Roman settlements nearby, Locking has a long history. The pub sponsors the local football team and supports and organises a few sports, including darts, cricket, pool and skittles.

The Landing Light

Midway between Locking and Weston is this pub. A new one, aptly named as it is built on the edge of the old airfield that use to be RAF Locking.

A modest 13 miles today which meets the target for the week. Result!

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