Saturday, 14 February 2015

East Brent, Berrow and Brean Boundaries 19

A pleasant afternoon, time for a 'mooch' down south. Via Lympsham, went around the outskirts of East Brent, Berrow and Brean. 

Lympsham War Memorial

Near the centre of the village, on a small green opposite the church is the war memorial honouring those local lads who died in the World Wars.  The trough to the right, was presented to the village by the Woman's Institute to commemorate their 80th anniversary.


Going through Berrow on the Barton Road stopped to admire the way this Nissan has been parked. It takes a fairly high speed, a generous helping of alcohol and the removal of a few brain cells to achieve this.  This will never be driven again so why not leave it in situ as a warning to other motorists.

Should have checked the phone again before stopping. 19.5 miles today.

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