Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mark Meander 30

Best laid plans..... Started out with the intention of going to Glastonbury, reconsidered and thought Axbridge might be an option but ended up at Mark and Burnham. The wind, on the return journey, was more favourable so plumped for that instead.

Plough House

This is on Mark Causeway, to the west of the village of Mark. Hard to get a decent photo of this old plough. Don't see many of these about now, a single furrow, horse drawn plough.

Dead End!

Need to brush up on map reading skills!  The OS map I use all the time showed this particular minor road going underneath which would cut out a drag over the nearest bridge. Not to be as this picture shows. I spoke to a farmer working nearby and he said that is how it was 30 years ago but has been closed off since then. Won't go down there again!

Out of my way

The farmer was moving some sheep and lambs around and asked me to stand aside whilst they all came past. Not a problem. Quite a few lambs are around now, obviously well into the lambing season around these parts.  Carried on from here and went to Burnham on Sea for a hot chocolate at the usual cafe on the sea front.


Came out of the cafe to find the place had been taken over by horses. Well three and a half counting the little fellow. The riders had the same taste as me, hot chocolate. The nags had to make do with water.

Nice ride today, just over 30 miles.

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