Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lympsham Loop 10

First one of the New Year. Last year covered 3,621 miles at an average of 70 miles per week. The target was to do 100 per week so must try harder this year! Another goal is to cover 60 miles in one ride. Will have to work up to that one, possibly in the summer. Today is just a loosen up, a gentle ride to the village of Lympsham. Can't believe the rapid rise in temperature from 24 hours ago. Should be into double figures today and may well beat the highest temperature for a New Years Day.

Mendip Raceway

On the road back to Weston from Lympsham, there is a model racing car club with a club house and two racetracks. This one is a tarmac surface.

Astroturf track.

There is also another track laid out in the grounds, an astroturf one with a few hills and bumps to challenge the enthusiast.

Just 10 miles today. 5,190 to go. Scary thought!

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