Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Old Gits Gallop 23

It's Tuesday so it must be Old Git's Day.  The temperature is not too clever, must be minus figures but loads of layers on, the winter heating payment has come through, so let's do it. Not sure what the plan is today other than the normal feeding station at Hewish is closed today.


The plan, after discussion at the meeting place, was to use the normal route and divert towards the end to the Woolpack Inn at Worle. Uncertain about the possible icy roads but apart from one small stretch after Banwell Hill it wasn't too bad overall. Must be a good year for mistletoe, it seems to be everywhere. These bunches were in Puxton Lane. This plant is a parasite, mistletoe lives off the nutrients provided by the host tree, sometimes to the extent that it will kill it. Birds spread the seeds from tree to tree.


Want a three piece suite and a tele?  Pop along to Puxton Lane near Weston. Yours for free.  Grumpy Old Man e-mail sent to the council reporting this. Feel better for that now.

Woolpack Inn

Went off our normal beaten track into Worle to visit the Woolpack Inn.  Unfortunately, there was not a lot on offer at 11am in the morning so we had to settle for a drink only. A small bonus was each drink came with a minuscule mince pie. One gulp and it was gone. After the indulgences of Christmas, that was all that was needed really.  Good to get warm as well. There was still a chill in the air.

23 miles in good company today.  Not out tomorrow so that means covered 3,621 miles this year at an average of 70 miles a week, a lot less than the target 100.  Must try harder.

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