Thursday, 9 October 2014

9th October 2014 Bleadon Hard Work ! 17

Took all 4 pictures today within a mile of my house. All done within 15 minutes so had the rest of the time to play. Went out through Uphill, over Bleadon Hill (hence the title of today's post. It was hard work) and back through Lympsham.

Mean Machine

Seen just round the corner from where I live, this is obviously someone's labour of love. Never seen it actually moving. I ride motorcycles myself but have to be honest and say this really is not my cup of tea. It would not look out of place in a Hells Angels horror movie.

Be Prepared

Nothing like getting ready in advance for an event. The council have had these portable barriers delivered and stacked along the promenade. They are for a beach event in 14 days time, the RHL beach races involving quad and motorbikes. It is on for two days and luckily we shall have a brilliant view of it from our apartment.

Beach Event no more

This is the sand sculpture exhibition being demolished. The figure on the left is, was, Winnie the Pooh and the lump on the left is what remains of Beauty and the Beast. You will have to use your imagination on that one.  Never went in myself, some friends paid £3.50 to see it and not too sure they were all that impressed with it.

Food for thought.

This is a series of photographs at the side of the walk way leading to the Town Hall. They depict local places of interest in North Somerset and there were four or five that I did not know. I went in yesterday and asked where they were and some chap and a woman came out and told me precisely where they were. Some may be difficult to get to because of the road systems that have to be negotiated but they are on the rail network so certainly is on my things to do list.

Apart from a couple of quite steep hills it was quite windy today. That does not bode too good for the expected high tide tonight. Out of the 17 miles today, the last 4 were wind assisted, bonus.

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