Wednesday, 8 October 2014

8th October 2014 Banwell Bash 16

Bits and peices to do in town today so get them over and have a spin out to Banwell on the A370. Typical autumn morning but should catch a break in the weather.

There it was - gone

A few days ago, the big wheel that stood here was dismantled and taken of elsewhere. The operator told me some weeks ago that he would be in Birmingham with it for the big Christmas fair so you Brummies, its on its way.  The other ride, the mouse track, is also being taken apart.

Helicopter Museum

Reputedly, the largest in the world, this is located on an old airfield on the Locking Road out of Weston. This is on the way to Banwell so stopped to get this pic.  I hope the exhibits inside are in a better state than this old RAF rescue helicopter.

Locking Water Tower

Standing on the top of a hill just off the A370, and surrounded by a fairly new housing estate is this old tower. Some locals walking by explained that it was the old water tower that served the area some years ago but is now redundant.  I could store my bikes in there.  Further research shows that it was bought in 2008 from the RAF for £33,000 by a young chap who wanted to convert it into a family home for himself and partner. The owners of the land around it however, will not allow him access so it stands dormant. 

Good ride of just under 16 miles, a bit blustery but the rain kept off up until the last three or four minutes. Not a problem though.

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