Saturday, 4 October 2014

4th October 2014 Bleadon Bash 15

Going to explore the bridle track near to Uphill today. Weather not too good to start with but should clear up later.  Went across the beach to Uphill and joined the bridle path near to the marina.

Uphill Quarry

The hill near to the marina is limestone and the westerly face has been quarried leaving a sheer face. This has become a popular spot with rock climbers.  According to those that have climbed it, there are some very good routes on this cliff face, technically difficult and quite challenging. The site is owned by the council.

Uphill Beacon Tower

Quite a climb, on grass, to this beacon tower. Worth it though, the views from here are pretty good. In the distance is Brean Down, a National Trust site and on the right is the abandoned Church of St Nicholas. This was built just after the Norman Conquest and may be on the site of an earlier Saxon Church.  This is the oldest building in Uphill.

Fish and Chips!

Going out through Lympsham and back towards Bleadon it is a very rural part of the district. All the more surprising to see a sign advertising fish and chips at a farm miles from anywhere. Its only on a friday night though.

An interesting 15 mile spin today. 

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