Friday, 19 September 2014

19th September 2014 Brent Knoll Boundary 20

A bit of a turn in the weather, after thunder storms last night, it's all a bit murky today. No rain though. Decided to take a ride down to Brent Knoll, a hill south of Weston.

What no hedge

At least that is what I thought at first seeing these cows grazing at the roadside. On closer inspection realised that there is a ditch, albeit overgrown, seperating the field from the road. A nice bunch of Friesans staring at me!

Ollie's Cafe

Half way around the Knoll, it started to rain a little. Not too much, but enough to drive me into Ollie's Cafe, a little diner at the side of the A38 at Brent. Not the greasy spoon place I was expecting, more chintz and tablecloths.  Once in there, just had to have a toasted tea cake and a cuppa.
Not a bad place to pull into if you are heading along the A38.

Brent War Memorial

A little further along the A38 was this fine War Memorial. I did like the inscription on it, never seen one like it before, "Ye that live on Mid England pastures green, remember us and think what might have been."

Stopped raining when I left the cafe and it was a fairly easy run back to Weston. A shade under 20 miles today.

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