Tuesday, 16 September 2014

16th September 2014 Old Gits Gathering 24

Tuesday, Weston Old Gits day.  Met up at the Bourton Arms and did the usual circuit including Banwell, Winscombe, Sandford and Puxton. Another fine day again although there was a debate as to whether this may be the last time that shorts will be worn. Hope not.

Bert the Hedgetrimmer

Bert has a thing about overhanging twigs and branches. So much so that he carries a pair of gardening gloves and some pruners with him.  On the way to the meeting point there were some brambles overhanging the foot/cycle path and they had to be tamed.  We left him to it and picked him up some 10 minutes later. Path nearly cleared, I think the job may be finished next week.

Leaning Tower of Puxton

Towards the end of the big loop that we do, Puxton is where we stop for tea and nosh at the Caffle Garden Centre. Puxton is also home to the Church of St Saviour, a reduntant church which is a grade2 listed building.  The building was founded in the 13th century and the tower added in the 15th. Unfortunately, it was built on peaty foundations which meant it settled almost immediately at an angle and was never built as high as was intended.  Arnie, Norman and John trying to make it better.

Another good ride with the Old Gits, I think it was 9 in total today. The usual 23 plus miles. Looking forward to next week when the plan is to extend the loop to include Cheddar and involves riding through a long tunnel.


  1. Have you been out with your other half on her new bike yet, or are you still waiting for the stabilisers?!!!! LOL
    BTW what's that on the top of the tower? My eyesight's not what it was.

  2. It is a weathervane in the shape of a cockerel. Try Specsavers.