Friday, 12 September 2014

12th September 2014 Burnham on Sea Browse 27

Looking at the Ordnance Survey maps, the road down to Burnham on Sea looks very flat although a bit twisty. It's a nice afternoon so will make that my target. Went through Uphill, Brean and Berrow to Burnham and returned the same way. Not much option to do otherwise unless the main roads are negotiated or a longer route near to Brent Knoll is taken.

Drinking fountain

Situated at the junction of Berrow Rod and Sea View is a very ornate drinking fountain which is no longer working. Probably a good thing as it sits in the middle of a busy junction. It was built in 1897 and a later inscription recognises the Queen's diamond jubilee.

Britain's shortest Pier
In 1858, a stone pier was built by the Somerset Central Railway, and shortly afterwards, a steamer service to Wales was inaugurated. This was never a commercisal success and ended in 1888. The pier still retains its railway lines but under a surface coating of concrete. This concrete pier was built in 1911-14 and claims to be the shortest in Britain. Sadly, it only houses flashing arcade games.

Sun shelter

Heading back out of Burnham, saw this, possibly, Victorian shelter. Thought it was a bandstand at first but not much room for a brass band on there.

Giraffic Park

Now this is what I call original. Not many bus shelters like these in Britain. Good to see planners and councils have a sense of humour in these times. This was between Berrow and Brean.

Not a bad average time for once, a fraction under 13 mph. Seemed to have a headwind most of the time as well although it wasn't too strong.  Although 95+% of the ride was flat it was still fairly hard work.

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