Saturday, 5 July 2014

5th July 2014 Hampton Lucy Loop 21

Saturday morning ride out to Hampton Lucy.  The forecast is for rain but will have to face that. Using the normal route out through Warwick and Barford.

Shakespeare Avenue Warwick

This is a traffic island (roundabout to some folks) in Shakespeare Avenue Warwick. The council obviously have taken a decision not to cut the grass with the end result that there is a plethora (good word that) of wild flowers growing on it. It looked like about ten different varieties which unfortunately will have to go unnamed as I don't know them! The downside of this is that the view around the island is limited and the lack of maintenance could be regarded as a traffic hazard. Discuss.

Hampton Lucy Church

This church, in the heart of the village is very impressive and has a lot of features going for it. Unfortunately, it is surrounded by trees and it was not possible to get a complete overview of the main building. This is just a sample of one of the sides of the building.  Dedicated to St Peter, the building dates from 1826 and is regarded as one of the earliest and best examples of 'Gothic revivalists'.

Did not get rained on at all during the 21 miles. Bonus.

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