Thursday, 10 July 2014

10th July 2014 Meriden Mash Up 31

Out with Mick today. Both using road bikes today as Mick has one on trial to see if it is better than his mountain bike. A road bike is certainly preferable in my book. Met in Kenilworth and took a ride out through the NW of Coventry to Meriden and back through Balsall Common. As can be seen from today's photos, it was a glorious sunny day.

Memorial to Harry Ferguson

Harry Ferguson was an Irish inventor and engineer who's initial passion was air flight. After falling out with his brother over the development of his aircraft company he concentrated on producing agricultural tractors and developed a three point linkage which is standard today. This memorial to him is in Banner Lane Coventry, the site of the famous Massey Ferguson factory where over 3.3 million tractors were built. The site is now a housing estate. Harry Ferguson died in 1960 aged 75.

Cyclist's Memorial Meriden

Onwards to Meriden where we stopped at a memorial for cyclists who have died serving their country. Originally it was for people in World War 1, then acknowledgement of those who fell in World War II, and this year, this plaque was erected in memory of all cyclists who had died serving their country.

Is it, or isn't it?

This stone plinth has stood in Meriden for 500 years and is supposed to mark the centre of England. Not according to the internet it isn't. The debate is all about how you measure that point. This marks the point that is the furthest from the sea. A town in Derbyshire claims the same because it is on the centre of the longest and shortest axis points. The Ordnance Survey thinks it should be measured by means of the centroid location, or the point at which a cardboard cut out of a figure balances on the point of a pencil. In which case it is near Dunsop Bridge in Lancashire. You choose.

Cyclist's Bench

This bench, right near to the centre of England, is dedicated to the memory of  W.M. Robinson who died in 1956. The plaque states, "His devotion to the pastime of cycling inspired many to enjoy the countryside and the open road.  Erected on behalf of all cyclists by the Cycling Touring Club."

Made our way back home (after tea and bacon/sausage sandwiches at the nearby tea rooms) via a roundabout route including Balsall Common.  We both did a fraction over 31 miles.

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