Tuesday, 24 June 2014

24th June 2014 Baginton Bash 19

Out today with Mick, going to Baginton to sample the wares of the cafe at the Air Museum there. After meeting near the University, went out via Finham to Baginton and back along the A45 and Gibbet Hill.

Midland Air Museum

Situated adjacent to the airfield at Baginton on the south side of Coventry, the museum is dedicated mainly to  displaying the part that Coventry played in the history of aviation. Opening in 1978, it now has many fine exhibits including a Vulcan bomber and a MiG fighter jet.  It also has a little cafe that does excellent tea and toast.

Lexus C200 hybrid

Not connected to cycling really. This was a courtesy car that my garage loaned me whilst mine was being serviced. The way forward I suppose with a battery that charges whilst on the move and the engine only kicks in properly when under power returning a mpg of about 54. Not bad for a petrol engine. Don't tell the garage that I leant my bike up against it for the sake of art!

Another fine day, 19 miles to add to the weeks total.

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