Sunday, 22 June 2014

22nd June 2014 Leamington Lollop 14

Busy day today, just time for a quick dash around Leamington.

Sainsburys at The Oak

The Oak public house on the Radford Road at Leamington is now a Sainsburys supermarket for the information of any ex pats reading this.  This view is from the Radford Road side of the pub entrance with the front of the building, to the left, left much as it was. This has been developed over the winter and spring and is now fully open. A bit sad this from a personal point of view, in my teens, this was the meeting place on a Saturday for St Marys Football Club, the team that I played for.  Looking back, not sure about the wisdom of having a pint or two before a match. Perhaps we played better for it.

Warwickshire Police HQ

Another end of an era. This old building, built in 1863, was from after the second world war the HQ of Warwickshire Police.  I joined in 1967 and worked for them up until a couple of years ago. This building and the land that goes with it has been up for sale and the admin side of the Police is now at Leamington under an 'alliance' with West Mercia Police.  This building is situated at the end of the drive where I live and with a house move pending, thought it best to record it before we go.

An easy 14 miles today.  130 for the week, pleased with that.


  1. No mention of the ghosts at Police HQ. The house and the driveway are supposed to be haunted. A female figure is said to be seen looking over from the first floor into the entrance hall and a coach and horses are said to have been seen at night driving towards the mansion down the long driveway. I have been into the house many times during the evening and night but seen nothing spooky going on. On my walk up the drive in the middle of the night between or after my shift in the Communication Centre, I would love to have seen the coach, but it never appeared.