Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10th June 2014 Cheylesmore Chase 22

A venture into Coventry today with Mick. A lovely summers day again, no need for waterproofs at all. Met up at the Greenway at Crackley and rode through the University. We both had plans for today's ride, very similar by coincidence but settled on a ride through the Memorial Park in Coventry  to Cheylesmore to try out a new tea spot.

Phantom Coach A45
An old coaching inn on the A45 London Birmingham Road, this pub is so named because a coach and horses, carrying passengers, sank in some nearby mud and all were drowned. The ghost of the coach and passengers was last seen around this location in 1938. The coach driver, Charlie, is a seperate ghost which can be heard in the pub occasionally. On a more mundane note, the pub has changed hands recently and belongs to the Sizzler chain.

Standard Triumph

Moving into Coventry from the A45, we took a spin around Canley/Earlsdon. This used to be the site of the Standard Triumph car factory but is now a big industrial park.  This monument celebrates the fact that cars were produced on this site from 1919 to 1980.

Road Signs

The road names have been created to reflect the history of the place. There is a Herald Way as well as this one. The Dolomite was a small saloon car produced by Triumph between 1972 and 1980. It did not take over the small car market but was a solid performer for the company. The 'Sprint' version was popular with rally drivers but did not quite match up to the companies expectations.

Standard Triumph Club

This is the original sports and social club, still on its original site and is one of the very few buildings left standing from the early years. It is still very much used today.

Cafe Delicia

And here is the target for the day, Cafe Delicia in Cheylesmore. For those in the States, pronounced, 'Chellsmore'. We did have a little diversion on the way, to the local authority sports centre in the Memorial Park. This was to check out the terms and conditions for playing Bowls which we intend to do one of these fine summer days. We are not deterred by the fact that we have to look up the rules first! Tea and toast at the cafe, fairly reasonable and very good service. May have to come back to this one.

Took a gentle ride back home towards Kenilworth and all told, clocked a fraction under 22 miles today.

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