Monday, 19 May 2014

19th May 2014 Barford Boundary 21

Busy morning selling the old car and motorbike, jobs around the town then out on two wheels. Pretty warm and sunny today with a nice breeze so tootled out to Barford and back.

Leafield Bridge

Rather than go on the usual route through Warwick To Barford, took a diversion through the Warwick Castle Park Estate.  Private road really but there was nobody about so risked it. The aim was to get a photograph of an old bridge that crosses the River Avon. The track was a bit rough for a road bike but got through without a puncture! The metal railings have replaced an ornamental parapet which some kind person(s) decided, some years ago, to push into the river. This is a view from the top of the bridge looking upstream towards Warwick Castle which is around the bend to the left.

Another view of the bridge taken after trampling down a few nettles.  The bridge is a listed building and was built in 1772-6 to a design by Robert Mylne.  It was used originally by people of Barford to get to Warwick, but in 1800 the Earl of Warwick decided to stop the public use of it. In compensation, he gave £5 worth of coal a year to the poor of Barford. Big of him.

Hunters Lodge

Further on the track through the Estate is the isolated Hunters Lodge.  There has been a house on this site since the 14th century and in 1754 was rebuilt in the gothic style. It was used by the keeper of the Park Estate.

M40 footbridge

This bridge crosses the M40 motorway between Barford and Warwick. Had to share it with a horse and rider today. I say rider, the lady had sensibly dismounted to lead her horse over as the traffic noise could be unsettling for the animal.  Just noticed that it looks as if one of his mates has been down here prior to us!

Nice easy 21 miles in the very pleasant weather today.

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