Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8th April 2014 Balsall Common Caper 18

Out at last!  It has been 5 days since the last trip out and only managed 20 miles in total last week. A little thing like buying and selling a house seems to have got in the way a bit. Anyway, good to get out in the sunshine today with Mick, and we took a little trip up to Balsall Common to pay a visit to La Delicia bakery and tea room.

Abbey Fields

On the way to meet Mick on the other side of Kenilworth, I took a short cut through Abbey Fields near the centre of town. These willow trees run along side of the Finham Brook that runs through the park and they were looking particularly splendid in the morning sunshine.

Snake Traps!

At the bakery, we noticed they were doing a 'meal deal', a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea for £2.50. What a bargain. It is when you consider that some places charge nearly £4 for a slice of cake. The bread was very fresh, doorsteps of course, and it was pleasant enough to sit outside and soak up the atmosphere.  After leaving Mick near the university, I used the cycle path that runs through Kenilworth Common. At this point there is a small area fenced off, I think for wildlife conservation, and the pieces of tin and plastic that are on the right hand side of the picture are there to attract snakes and slow worms. The Coventry/Leamington railway line is on the left of the path.

18 miles today. A nice dry, sunny morning but a chilly wind still.

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