Sunday, 13 April 2014

13th April 2014 Stratford Stroll 32

Taking the advantage of a lull in the house moving stakes and riding over to Stratford on Avon to get some touristy shots. A lovely morning, with a slight chill in the air, and not too much wind. The route today is Warwick, Barford, Wellesbourne, Loxley, Stratford and back through Tiddington and Hampton Lucy.


Going out from Wellesbourne on the Loxley Road, could not help smiling at some wag who has put a name tag on this tree. He/she has called it 'Tree".  What else.

Stratford street market

Sunday morning is one of the market days in Stratford and there were quite a few stalls along Waterside. The large building in the distance on the left, is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

The Jester
This sculpture is at the end of Henley Street Stratford near Shakespeare's Birthplace. It is the jester Touchstone, from As You Like It. It was commissioned by Tony Bird, a local businessman, as thanks to the town. The inscription on the plinth reads, "O noble fool, a worthy fool - the fool doth think he is wise but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." I must be a fool then!

Shakespeare's Ghost!

Not really. This chap is a mime artist, busking for money. When I first went past him he had quite a crowd around him. On the return, he was on his own so after I put a pound in his collection tin he agreed to hold the bike. Got full moneys worth when he decided to have a little ride on it. Cheeky monkey! Unfortunately I forgot to give him my address, never mind.

A good ride today. Definitely shorts weather. Total mileage today was just over 32.
Just a sobering thought. My average speed for this trip was slower than the top athletes in today's London Marathon!

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