Thursday, 20 March 2014

20th March 2014 Stoneleigh Saunter 21

Out on a trip that was scheduled a week ago! Going with Mick to Stoneleigh for a bacon sandwich. This was postponed last week because of fog, this morning it looks a 100% better if a tad windy. Met in Kenilworth and travelled out to the A45, Green Lane, Stoneleigh village, Stareton and back to Kenilworth after calling in at the showground.
By the way, it is International Happiness Day today. I'm happy with that.

Stoneleigh River Bridge.

Through Stoneleigh, and stopped at the bridge over the River Sowe for a breather and a look at the river. Saw a pair of yellow wagtails near the river.  We took advantage of the wooden footbridge alongside the main road, this is a very narrow bridge and can be a bit iffy when a lorry is about. There is more paint on the stonework than there is on Dot Cotton's face. (For those in the USA, she is a soap character from East Enders, or as my Dad called it, Doom and Gloom.)

Royal Showground

Part of the Stoneleigh Estate, this land was leased to the Royal Agricultural Society for a number of years and annually, one of the world's biggest agricultural shows was held in the first week of July. Plus, there was also a number of events held throughout the year. The show no longer exists but there are still a large number of events held. The farm shop on the site also has a nice little cafe as part of the shop, and we had to have a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea each. To be recommended. Must try and incorporate this on a ESCC ride sometime.

Control Room
During the large events at the various shows, the Police managed the internal resources from this portacabin. There was full IT and radio capabilities set up for each occasion but sadly, it looks as if this has gone the same way as the dodo. During my time with Warwickshire Police, I worked in here quite a few times.

Quite hard work going into the wind today but overall a good ride on new ground. Another 21 miles to add to the total.

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