Monday, 17 March 2014

17th March 2014 Bubbenhall Bash 20

Another nice day. Looking at the maps, fancy a trip out to Baginton this morning. Shorts on, and away we go.  Plan on going out to Finham, across to Baginton and back via Bubbenhall and Stareton.

Roman Barn Baginton

Built on the site of a Roman stronghold, this barn has been faithfully reconstructed to the exact specifications and methodology as the original. In the 70s, a team of Army engineers, using the same building methods as the Romans built this. To date it has been visited by hundreds of school parties using this as the basis for projects. Notice that the barn is built on stilts, that was to ensure the stored corn was free from damp and rats. An important building this would be in a fortification. An army on the move must be fed. Nice touch putting a Roman litter bin outside.

Midland Air Museum

Just around the corner in Baginton, adjacent to the airfield, is an air museum. This covers all aspects of flying with many exhibits, a lot of them post war. The rocket jobby outside is a Thunderbird missile. Used by the Army to provide the ability to attack high level targets at a range of up to 30 miles or so. They were phased out in the late 70s. More importantly, there is a little cafe in the museum. Tea is £1.30 a cup.                                                    

Three Horseshoes Bubbenhall

This pub has been in Bubbenhall for the last 250 years and offers accommodation as well as decent food. It has been modernised recently. 

The Spout

There is a natural spring outlet opposite the Three Horseshoes and up until 1960 was the main source of water for the village. Commonly known as the 'spout', after the laying of mains water into the village it was no longer needed. In the 70s local quarrying altered the water supply and the spring dried up. It was flowing today, possibly because of the heavy winter rainfall.

A nice 20 miles today

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