Thursday, 20 February 2014

20th February 2014 Barford Bash 17

A much better day today. A step nearer spring, in fact, may have to think about servicing the lawn mower if this keeps up. Fairly busy today, did not get out till half three, so tracked down to the Green Barn at Barford, a sensible route with the limited time before dusk arrives.

Green Barn, Barford.

So named because of the colour of the barn on the left.  This is a nice turn round point, 8.5 miles from home, most of it fairly flat.  With the wind from the SW, it will also be a pleasant trip back home. I like this view and intend to use it as part of a 'four seasons' project, taking photos of the same view at different times of the year.

Long Shadow
In the absence of anything new to capture, noticed that as it was nearly the end of daylight, how long the shadows were. This is my shadow, passing the entrance to Bread and Meat Close in Warwick.

A comfortable 17 plus miles today.

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