Tuesday, 18 February 2014

18th February 2014 Braunston Bash 44

Good long ride today, out with Graham and Mark, heading out to Braunston to visit the marina there. A quick phone call first thing to Graham to discuss the heavy rain at the time, confirmed that we were daft to go out! There was sun on the horizon and that is how the day turned out. Went out through Offchurch, Birdingbury, Grandborough to Braunston and back through Broadwell and Long Itchington.

Birdingbury War Memorial.

Right in the centre of the village, the war memorial remembers those who died since the first great war. Birdingbury was first mentioned in 1637 on a map. It is half way between Rugby and Leamington and has a population of 327, well, in 2001 it did.  Nice place apart from the killer hill into the village from the Leamington side.

 St Peter's Church Grandborough.

A nice little church in the centre of the village, we could see the steeple from miles away as the terrain is fairly flat in these parts (Hooray).  Wikapedia mentions the church spire and the two trees flanking as being 'notable local landmarks.' The avenue of trees leading up to the main door are, possibly, lime trees and they have been pollarded, or cut back quite severely to ensure good growth in the future. It also maintains the tree in a 'juvenile' state and prevents damage from weight or windage of a taller tree.
Graham and Mark could do with pollarding methinks!

The next county
Turned onto the A45, traditionally one of the the main London Birmingham trunk roads pre motorways.  This is crossing the Warwickshire border, heading to Braunston just down the road.

Braunston Marina

Turned off the A45 into Braunston Marina, our destination. A lot of small businesses here catering for all boating needs. An impressive footbridge this one, obviously made of cast iron. Must be Victorian.

Gongoozler's Rest

This is what we came for, tea and cake. We had Lemon Drizzle (Graham) and Bread Pudding (Mark and I). Delicious. Certainly a generous portion of both tea and cake, a place to be recommended. Had a good chat with the staff in there, and for all you cyclists, Natalie, the waitress, also runs Joyride Cycles in nearby Weedon, so a good contact there. 

Apres cake

Thanks to Natalie for taking the photo.

A good ride today.  Unfortunately, the battery on the GPS ran out after 17 miles so the whole route has not been recorded. Grrrrrr.  The bike computer says 44 miles in total so that is the official figure; and no rain!


  1. Great to read your blog post Ken! Looks like a good route.

    Would you mind if we put a link to it on the Facebook page for the cafe with a couple of pics?

    Thanks for the mention of the shop too :).



  2. Not a problem Natalie, go ahead.