Sunday, 16 February 2014

16th February 2014 Weston Super Mud 5

Spent the day in Weston Super Mare today, visiting grandchildren. Carmen, 7, does like to have a ride out with Granddad, so took my bike down and as the weather was 10 times nicer today, went a spin down the sea front.

Winter Gardens Pavilion

This building hosts conferences, shows and exhibitions. It is right on the sea front, a short distance from the pier. Using a different camera today, a Canon, that allows the selection of individual colours at the expense of leaving the rest monochrome. Spot Carmen in the photo.

Drama on the beach

We spotted a crowd gathering further round the promenade. The focus of attention was a car that was stuck in the mud. The beach at Weston is notorious for soft sinking mud and it looked as if someone had ignored the numerous warning signs. The Range Rover was trying to winch it out when we first spotted it, and later on, as we returned this way, it had been shifted to safety. One of the bystanders stated that it had been there all night and had been covered by the tide.

This will be expensive to say the least. Cars are allowed on the beach and do so via slipways. Clearly the driver of this ignored the boundary and warning signs.

Marine Bay

A little further on is the Marine Bay, a small area of the sea closed off by this causeway. Not sure what, if any, activities happen on this enclosed section of water.

Stone Arch

Not quite as grand as the arch at St Louis. This forms a feature of the renovated promenade which has won awards for its innovations.

Just a modest 4.7 miles today, completely on the flat, in sunshine, can't be bad.

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