Thursday, 13 February 2014

13th February 2014 Norton Lindsey Loop 21

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was atrocious. Heavy rain, gale force winds, not the best of weathers to go out in. Today, its sunny and the wind has dropped dramatically.  Going out through Beausale, Hatton, Norton Lindsey and Warwick.  The map looks a bit odd, I did start and finish from home but forgot to take my memory pills this morning. A fifth of the way round, I remembered to turn the phone GPS and on only recorded 4/5 of the ride.


Through Beausale and riding down Firs Lane towards Hasely, spotted these snowdrops outside Firs Farm. A welcome sight on a winter's morning, spring is not far away. A double bonus, bottom left  some daffodils popping up. I once read that 'Spring is proof that there is life after death', a bit deep but makes sense.


A little further on, in Hasely, is Hasely Mill. The sign outside says, "Love Sausages?  Only want the best? Try our world famous sausages today.  Made from traditional breed pigs. Open to the public at weekends."
Not sure about the world famous bit, never heard of them before. If you want some, easy to find on the road between Hatton and Beausale.

Tristan the tractor

Spotted this in a farmyard near to Hatton.  I could not fathom what this was all about till I spotted a sign on the trailer advertising the nearby Hatton Country World. Tristan must be used to give rides around the fields at the leisure complex nearby. Nice hat, suits him.

Good ride today, a bit cold, and the total mileage was just over 21. This route has been covered now quite a few times and the opportunity to take new photographs get less and less. Spotting these today was a bonus.

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