Sunday, 29 December 2013

29th December 2013 Agrodome Drag

Never thought it would be possible to get out today. It was raining first thing this morning and got steadily worse as the day went on. Walked into town but that was a big umbrella job to say the least. Miraculously, after lunch it cleared up and the sun came  out so, on with the cream and out we go. Then it rained again! Too late then, I was on the road to Ngongotaha.

The Sheep

Turned off the main road at Ngongotaha and went to the Agrodome, a tourist attraction that centres around agriculture with an emphasis on sheep. This fine fellow is a marino and guards the entrance to the complex.

The dog

A lot of the exhibitions are about the sheep industry and at certain times of the day, a collie and his man display sheep herding. a few sheep are guided through gates, into pens and over a bridge. Very slick indeed. I think it has been done so many times before that the sheep respond to the shepherds calls and whistles as much as the dog does. On the left is the real dog, waiting for the next show.

Sheep shearing

Another big part of the displays is sheep shearing, a big industry in New Zealand. That bronze commemerates a sheep shearer at work.

The Restaurant

The sign outside the complex states that there is a restaurant on site. I think this is it. No good looking for anything other than a bag of crisps and some pop here. Despite being 'open 7 days a week' it was closed today so no tea and cake today.

A good ride, despite having to shelter from the showers a couple of times. 13 miles in all, including the mile there and back to the internet cafe to do this blog!

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