Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10th December 2013 Brinklow Bash

Long ride today with Graham. Met him in Cubbington and we set off for the Rugby area via Hunningham (didn't call in Katie, thought you might still be asleep!), Birdingbury, Church Lawford and stopping at Brinklow before returning through Stretton on Dunsmore.

Cattle Grid

The joys of cycling in the countryside! Cattle grids. We had to negotiate 4 of these on Coronation Road nr Church Lawford, in the process of avoiding a fairly steep hill. Well worth it though. Graham waiting patiently for yours truly to get the perfect shot. I suppose if the landowner wanted to keep cyclists off his land he could turn the bars through 90 degrees. That would work a treat.

The Old Smithy Church Lawford

A nice looking pub in the centre of Church Lawford.  Never been, and looking at the reviews on the interweb, it will be some time before visiting this one.

Remains of the Church of St Lawrence

Graham took a short detour so that this old building at King's Newnham could be visited. Neither of us knew what it was but a google search showed it to be the remains of the Church of St Lawrence.  This was built in the 12th century and partially demolished at the end of the 18th century leaving just this tower. It is a grade 2 listed building and is disused. 

Pumpkins Deli

Made it to Brinklow ok and headed straight for this cafe.  Lemon cake for me, Graham was more adventurous with a Chicken Tika batch.

A45 Disaster!
This one time disco and chinese restaurant has been derelict for some time after a fire. Next to an abandoned petrol station, this is a real eyesore on the main Coventry to London road. It might be some time before these become viable again.

A good ride today again with Graham. 40.7 miles on many roads that I have not been on before which was a bonus.

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