Monday, 4 November 2013

4th November 2013 Bidford Bash

Longish trip out today with Graham. Heading out to Alcester via Wellesbourne, Loxley, Welford and Bideford.  Forgot to set my GPS until we reached Hampton Lucy hence the gap between the start and finish on the map.  What a muppet.

Cottage of Content

What a brilliant name for a pub.  This is at Barton, near Welford.  It has good reviews on trip advisor and having been there, can recommend it for a meal. For any campers amongst you, they also cater for campers with 25 pitches at the rear of the premises.  It is in a great location, only yards from the River Avon. Watch the weather forecast though.

Bidford on Avon

Stopped in Bideford on Avon for a comfort break. This is taken in the main street. A pretty little village, as Graham said, "It's like being at the seaside". Left Bideford and went to Alcester. I had rung my friend John earlier  to see if he wanted to join us for tea in one of the cafes in the town. Better still, John invited us to his home where we had tea and cake for free. Thanks John.

Hatton Country World

Left Alcester and headed home via Aston Cantlow, Norton Lindsey and Beausale. We rode past Hatton Country World a very popular tourist attraction. An enterprising farmer, back in the 70s, converted his business from agriculture to a theme farm with animals, children's parks and shopping outlets. This has gone down very successfully. 

A tough day today. From home to Alcester we headed into the north west wind and it was quite physically draining.Not so bad once we headed back. Clocked 48 miles today.

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