Thursday, 17 October 2013

17th October 2013 Tysoe Trot

Good day out today with the Emergency Services Cycling Club. We met at Andy's house and picked up some new jerseys. The aim, on this fine autumn day, was to get to the excellent tea rooms in Tysoe.


Start the ride with a club photo in our new kit. Left to right, Graham, Andy, Ken and John. Alan took the picture as an honorary member of the club.

The Merrie Lion

Left Southam and went through Priors Hardwick (I think the Hard in the name refers to the hill as you head towards the village), Wormleighton and into Fenny Compton. 8 miles north of Banbury, Fenny is at the northernmost part of the Cotswolds and many buildings are built with the local Hornton Stone. A good example is one of the pubs in Fenny, the Merrie Lion, looking all golden in the morning sunshine.

Little Kineton

Left Fenny, on through Gaydon and Kineton into Little Kineton. En route, we had been looking out for a tree in autumnal splendour and this was the best one we found, on the little village green in Little Kineton. Propped up the bike against the post box and noticed it was a Victorian one (The post box of course). Don't see many of these about at all.

Tysoe Tea Rooms

After 22 miles reached the tea rooms. Alan had left the group at Northend as he had to get back. A shame, as he missed out on a really nice tea and cake. The cafe owner was very helpful and took our picture. She thought the picture of the cow, which was behind Andy's head, was distracting so we took it down. The consensus of the group was that it was far better in the front of Andy rather than behind him.
Certainly a place that will be on our permanent list of cafes to visit. Good food, very reasonable, and helpful, friendly staff. If you do go, it is not open on Sundays or Mondays.

Good sprint back to Southam with the wind behind us. 38.6 miles in total on a lovely autumn day.

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