Wednesday, 16 October 2013

16th October 2013 Whitnash Washout!

Today was the first chance to test the waterproof over-clothing I bought recently. The forecast was rain so took the gear with me. 5 mins into the ride, down the rain came so on with the over trousers and jacket. Called in to see my sister for a cup of tea and an eccles cake and rode back home through Warwick and St Nicholas Park

Cafe in the Park

The park was empty. The little cafe was open but couldn't see any customers in there.

Paddling Pool

This is opposite the cafe and was just as empty. Not even any water in it. I think it will be full of leaves soon the way the weather is going.

Memorial Trees

Leaving the park, you can walk/ride down this avenue of trees. Each one has been planted in memory of a fallen soldier from one of the two world wars. There is a small plinth at the bottom of each tree with the details of the deceased hero. This might be another location to try the four seasons approach, although these beech tree leaves should get a little more colourful as autumn progresses.

A reasonable 15 miler today, in the rain, and yes, the waterproof clothes worked a treat. Proof that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

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