Monday, 2 September 2013

2nd September 2013 Lighthorne Loop

Back to normality after yesterday's 'expedition'. Out with Graham today, around the local lanes.  A promising morning with a slight autumn chill in the air which should soon warm up.  Heading out to Lighthorne today, a small village 6 miles south of Leamington. It is set in a small valley so that means a climb whichever way we leave the place!

The Village Pump

These hand powered pumps were common at one time in every village in Britain before the advent of a public water supply. This one is near the centre of Lighthorne and is a rather grand affair. Normally placed over a community water well it was often called the parish pump.  By today's standard the water drawn from these was often very contaminated and led to all sorts of diseases.

The Antelope

This pub overlooks the village green at Lighthorne and overall has decent reviews on Trip Advisor. Sufficient to make a consideration to drive down and sample the food that is offered. Could not help overhearing these two folk discussing a window cleaning bill whilst Graham patiently waited at the bottom of one of the three hills out of the village.

Walton Hall bridge

This bridge at Walton hall is on the drive leaving the place and separates two small lakes. For some time now I have been looking for a location to take a series of pictures that I can use to illustrate the four seasons. This might be a good candidate as I pass this place fairly often. We called in at Wellesbourne Airfield Cafe for tea and cake but that was spoiled by the amount of wasps that were flying around the place.

A good ride out today, 37 miles through several south Warwickshire villages, Barford, Newbold Pacey, Moreton Morrel, Lighthorne, Walton, Wellesbourne, Charlecote and back through Warwick. Home then to one of the eccles cake that my sister had put in yesterday's birthday present.  Thanks Lil!

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