Thursday, 12 September 2013

12th September 2013 Wasperton Washout

Trial run today for a big test next week. The ESCC are planning a 25 miler, without a tea and cake break. How close to the edge can you get? Their ride today was cancelled so went solo and thought, missing tea and cake has got to be possible on a long journey; try it!
Headed out through Barford and Wellesbourne with a detour to Wasperton to check out any photo ops. A lovely little hamlet in between Barford and Wellesbourne, there are some lovely cottages but none worthy of inclusion in this blog, hence the title of today's post, Wasperton Washout.

King's Head Pub, Wellesbourne.

Another pub that is more of a restaurant.  It is part of the Vintage chain. This has been a pub since the 1600s when it was known as the Wellesbourne Inn. It was used as a hospital during the English Civil War, and during the second world war, played host to the RAF pilots and ground crew from nearby Wellesbourne Airfield.

Walton Hall

Left Wellesbourne and went through Walton Hall, a country hotel and leisure centre to head home. Cycling along the main drive, it was evident that Farmer Giles had started his autumn ploughing. Not a bad line he has done there, a bit of a kink in the middle so 9/10.
Not long after this point reached the Airfield Cafe but resisted all temptation and rode straight past. What a display of strength of character!

Racing Club FC

Returning into Warwick along the Hampton Road, went past Racing Club's ground. Good memories for me, won my first football trophy here in 1963 when St Mary's FC beat Leamington Northend FC 2-1 in the Aston Villa Shield. I can remember the game, it was the evening that is a bit of a blur.

A good spin out today, 31 miles without stopping (apart from the photos). Next week's ESCC ride should be easy peasy then.

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