Sunday, 18 August 2013

18th August 2013 Barford Bash

Sunday morning, suns out and the wind is in the south west. Scheduled to go out with Graham tomorrow so looking to do a medium distance just to keep the wheels turning.  The route to Barford, just south of Warwick, is nice and flat so that will do today.

The Old Fourpenny Shop

 Going through Warwick, went along Crompton Street near to the racecourse and got a photo of the Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel. There has to be a story behind the name of this place and the internet throws up this :- When the Warwick section of the Grand Union Canal was being built in the early 1800's, the Fourpenny Inn was charging four pennies for a cup of coffee and a tot of rum, (possibly £5 now!)  whilst other inns were charging an outrageous six pennies! It goes without saying that the punters flocked to this pub and the name has stuck. The title hotel does seem a bit grand for the place really although it has a good reputation as a pub.

Had a decent ride into Barford, chatting to three cyclists from Coventry on the way, and the south west wind helped me home. A very pleasant 18 miles today

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