Saturday, 20 July 2013

20th July 2013 Barford Bash

A bit cooler today, only 72 degrees!  I think a ride to Wellesbourne Airfield for a cup of tea is called for.

Barford Telephone Box

Going through Barford, checked out the telephone box that the local heritage site keep updated.  The advert for the local showing of 'Calendar Girls' has gone and has been replaced with information about the forthcoming village fete.  This is being held on Bank Holiday Monday, 26th August if you are down that way. There is a scarecrow competition so may have to take the bike to have a look at that. Carry on the ride to Wellesbourne Airfield.

Drought looming?

After tea and flapjack at the cafe, headed back home. The media have been on about this might be the driest July for about 270 years if the weather keeps up. This is the cycle path going into Barford from Charlecote and it really is dry. Needs No Smoking signs up.  I know my lawn is starting to look a bit yellow so no rush to get home and mow it.

A nice 23 miler today, helped along by the stop at the airfield cafe. That was quite busy, not many seats available, certainly all those outside were taken.

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