Saturday, 29 June 2013

29th June 2013 Leamington Loop

Set out on a sunny afternoon to do a loop of Leamington. Quite a well worn route this, but got some ideas today for variations.

The Arches

A by product of the age of the railway, these railway arches have been put to good use by being let out as small industrial units. On the southern end of Leamington there is quite a long stretch of raised track through the town, and for as long as I can remember they have been used by industry. There is all sorts here from car repair shops to music studios. A very intelligent use of space and a boon for the small entrepreneur.

The Ladder Bridge.

This has been done before, but not from this angle. It crosses over the Grand Union Canal and links from the Althorpe Street Industrial complex to a path that leads past the Rangemaster factory.

Rangemaster TLC!

This shot shows the Rangemaster factory, a side of which, not too many people see fortunately. It does look almost derelict and would make a good backdrop for a zombie movie. For such a prestigious company, this does let them down, as this is one of the first buildings that rail travellers would see when entering Leamington from London and the south. I feel quite strongly about this, being a Leamingtonian, and have e-mailed the firm expressing my concern. Watch this space.

Foundry Wood

This is more like it. When the Ford's Foundry closed down and was taken over by Morrisons, a piece of land was set aside as a community woodland. It is a small parcel of land bordered by the supermarket and a railway line, and is open to the community for visits. Unfortunately, it is managed by volunteers and is not open at any specific times. The notice on the gate explains this, and asks that you visit the Foundrywood web site to get the opening times. Not much good when you first visit!

An enjoyable mooch around the old town, another 13 miles clocked up.


  1. Liked this series of photos, all very interesting. Do you get these published anywhere besides your own website? Keep them rolling.

  2. Thanks Wayne. These are not published other than on here. Staying local, it is getting harder to find new subjects!

  3. Hi Ken,Tony here.
    I am enjoying reading your blogs and of course the great photos. This blog especially as I was born at Warneford Place which was between the ladder bridge and the railway arches.
    This weekend we move back into our house in Kingscliff after 2 1/2 years absence. I hope to emulate your blogs even to the extant of the bike in the picture idea or maybe just my helmet !
    Kind Regards