Tuesday, 18 June 2013

18th June 2013 Wellesbourne Wobble

Good to get out today after a two day lay off. Went with my cycling buddy Graham to Wellesbourne, choosing a fairly flattish route to avoid straining the knees.

Barford Telephone Kiosk

From home, through Warwick and Barford. Used to old road through the village and we commented how busy that road was before the by pass was built. Now, it is virtually deserted. Checked out the telephone box that the local heritage group use to promote village activities and today, the theme was 'Calender Girls'. There were a lot of sunflowers in there and a poster advertising the fact that the local Am Dram Group were putting on a performance of Calender Girls on the 11/12/13th July in the Village Hall. I presume cameras will definitely be banned from those performances. On then to Wellesbourne.

Shah's Restaurant Wellesbourne

Went into Wellesbourne, via Charlecote and cycled through the village to get to the Airfield, rather than around it. The first thing that greets you, as you go in on the Charlecote Road, is an Indian Restaurant, Shah's. Never been, but looking at Trip advisor it does have mixed reviews although more positive than negative. Best try it for yourself really. One advantage over town places is that there is good parking.
Carried on to the Airfield and we were forced to have tea and a piece of coffee and walnut cake each. Now that is worth a visit.
Sat outside and chatted with a couple of other cyclists who were like minded, one from Coventry and the other from Redditch, both in their seventies. Good to swap stories.

Back home, clocked up 26.3 miles. Disappointingly, the left knee was a bit sore so will strap it up next time I go out.  For the first time this year actually got a sweat on in the warmth of the day. Pity it is the summer solstice in three days time!

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