Sunday, 26 May 2013

26th May 2013 Barford Blowout

What a beautiful day for a ride on a bike. The plan today was to do a decent ride, say 30 plus miles, that will take me a hundred miles for the week. A trip to Stratford, back via Wellesbourne, would be just the ticket.

The Window Cleaner

Going through Warwick Town this chap was pushing a ladder on a home made cart and I had to stop and have a chat with him. He has been cleaning windows around the town for about 35 years and he clearly enjoys his job. Trade was very brisk and the suggestion that he take on extra staff met with a wry smile. Apparently nobody, especially young lads, just don't want to know! He has tried quite a few and they all get bored very quickly or just sit around not getting on with the job at hand.  The youth of today! He was happy for me to take his picture, fair play to the man

The Granville Arms Barford

This is one of two pubs in Barford, the other has been done on this blog, the Joseph Arch. Tempting to pop in for a quick drink on this fine morning but they don't open till 12. Can't wait two hours. Just left this place, heading for Charlecote, when disaster, a puncture. It seemed to be a slow one so rather than risk it, I turned back. Stopped about five times to put some air in but made it back OK. Mending the puncture later, gave me the chance to give all the gears a good clean, long overdue.

Did 15 on this ride so was really disappointed that didn't reach my target.  All was not lost though, Tommy, the grandson is staying with us for a few days so took him out to his aunties in Kenilworth on our mountain bikes. I did another 16 riding around the university which took me up to a 105 for the week. Bargain.

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